A word from the CEO and the Chairman

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Within Credendo, our response to the pandemic has been focused on the continued delivery of our services, while ensuring the safety of our employees.

Dirk Terweduwe, Chief Executive Officer

Throughout 2020, Credendo has remained steadfast in its support of the business community as companies deal with the devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vincent Reuter, Chairman of the Board of Directors


A European credit insurance group

Our Vision

We are the first-choice business partner to protect against the risks of trade and investments in the real economy and to facilitate the financing of such transactions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support trade relations.

We provide customised solutions of insurance, reinsurance, guarantees, bonding and financing related to domestic and international trade transactions or investments abroad. We protect companies, banks and insurance undertakings against credit and political risks or facilitate the financing of such transactions. We act in a responsible and forward-looking way.

Turning uncertainties into opportunities.

Strategic goals

Our Lift Off! plan

Delivering an excellent customer experience

Focusing on customer needs is at the core of our strategy. Our ambition is to provide simple, fast, relevant and personalised solutions.

We’ve been optimising our internal processes and group structure in order to deliver smooth and best-in-class services.

We’re making sure that our analyses and advice are well supported with available internal and external data, so our customers can make the best decisions.

Being relevant

We strive to develop ourselves to remain a relevant and reliable partner.

Even in a challenging year like 2020 we were able to react very quickly and introduce additional products in response to Covid‑19: the Credendo Bridge Guarantee and the State Reinsurance scheme for private credit insurers.

We’re investigating how we can serve our customers in new geographic areas and help them expand their international trade. In 2020, Credendo opened a new branch in Ireland, the 15th European country in which we’re present.

Welcoming innovation and engagement

We want to address the future changes in our industry and the new expectations of our stakeholders.

We’ve been actively experimenting with blockchain, innovative solutions for marketplaces and new ways to support trade activities.

Our organisation, culture and people are being oriented towards new ways of working.

We’ve developed a corporate sustainability action plan. This will ensure that we take care of our society, the environment, our stakeholders and our people, today and tomorrow.

Aiming for profitable growth

While developing, we want to maintain our financial discipline and guarantee profitable growth.

During the Covid‑19 crisis in 2020, we managed to introduce a number of initiatives so as to keep all our financial positions under control.

Highlights 2020

Growth and sustained support

  • A century of innovation

  • Getting through the pandemic

  • Increasing our positive impact

  • Becoming a bigger player

  • Our European expansion

  • Launch of Marjory

100 years

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And the story started…

In the aftermath of the war economic activity picked up to meet the need for reconstruction and development in the countries that had been ravaged by the conflict. The Belgian Ministry of Economic Affairs established a Delcredere Committee to enable Belgian industries to resume their activities on foreign markets and to guarantee Belgian export transactions.

11 years after the Great War, Credendo became an autonomous public financial body (Nationale Delcrederedienst | Office national du Ducroire), with the mission to guarantee Belgian export transactions.